Monday, July 16, 2012

Tiger Line Q&A

Tiger Line Q&A

Fact and fiction about fluorocarbon fishing line

1 - Fluorocarbon lines are stiff and don’t cast well
Not true.  The stiffness of a fluorocarbon line depends on the way it is manufactured.  By using different manufacturing techniques, the qualities of a fluorocarbon line can be altered.  Tiger line is not as stiff as some fluorocarbon lines and it casts well.  See Terry Edmonds recommendation on Tiger line.  Terry is a casting expert and he advises Tiger line as the best fishing line, to all the anglers he takes for casting lessons - seeTerry Edmonds 

2 - Isn’t knot strength a problem with fluorocarbon?
No, not true.  Not with Tiger line.  It is true that fluorocarbon lines used to have a poor reputation for knot strength.  However, the advanced resin technology used in the manufacture of Tiger line ensures very good knot strength.  For advice on which knots to use, see Knots for Tiger line 

3 - Fluorocarbon lines are more resistant to the sun’s UV rays than nylon line.
True: 100% fluorocarbon lines like Tiger line are almost totally impervious to UV rays. This means that fluorocarbon lines have a much longer life span than nylon monofilaments. Although you should check your line regularly and re-spool as necessary, with Tiger line you can re-spool less.   Yes, fluorocarbon costs more to start with but it will last considerably longer and you benefit from all the advantages of a 100% fluorocarbon line.

4 - Are 100% fluorocarbon lines like Tiger line completely invisible under water?
No. As a 100% fluorocarbon line, Tiger line is as close as any form of line or leader can get to the refractive index of water, thus making it virtually invisible, but it isn’t completely invisible. Some brands do state that, but it isn’t true.  Tiger line is very difficult to see under water and once it is lying on, or near the bottom it becomes extremely difficult to see.  In fact, it virtually disappears on most types of bottom.  For ultimate discretion don’t use lead core or tubing (whatever colour it is!), fish straight through with Tiger line.  If you need to use an abrasion leader, or a stronger leader to take the power of a long cast, then there is no contest, go for a fluorocarbon leader like our Armure leader.  The heavy fluorocarbon sinks like a stone and once on the bottom, it will virtually disappear, whatever type of bottom it is lying on.

5 - Fluorocarbon has very little stretch or none at all.
True. Yes, fluorocarbon lines do stretch, but nothing like as much as mono.  Tiger line is the perfect compromise between the excessive stretch of some nylon lines and the zero stretch of braid.  The reduced stretch of Tiger line ensures good bite detection and a very direct contact with the fish.  You have more control over a fighting fish which makes it easier to apply pressure to prevent a fish reaching a dangerous snag for example.  At the same time, the slight ‘give’ in the line is a real advantage when the fish is fighting under the rod top, resulting in less hook pulls and more fish in the net.

6 - Fluorocarbon is stiff in cold water.
Not true. In fact, fluorocarbon lines like Tiger line are perfect in cold water, as they absorb very little water, remaining soft and supple.

7 - Do I need to store my fluorocarbon leader or line in a dark place?
No. Fluorocarbon is not affected by fluorescent lighting or other forms of UV rays.

8 - What is Fluorocarbon
Fluorocarbon is made from Hydrogen, Carbon, and Fluoride. This combination of elements creates the molecule known as PVDF, or Poly-Vinyl-i-Dene-Fluoride.

9 - Is it true that nylon monofilament can absorb water and become 30% weaker over time?
Yes, this is true. Tiger line absorbs very little water and has a long life span.

10 - Do I have to wash Tiger line or treat it with anything before I spool it onto my reel?
No treatments are necessary. Tiger line is ready to use straight from the spool.

11 - Do I need to clean my line after using it?
It is a good idea to wind your line back through a damp cloth on a regular basis.  This will remove any silt or dirt that may have built up on the line and help keep it as good as new. 

12 - Any other advice about Tiger line?
Yes.  To remove any kinks in the line and keep it nice and straight, I occasionally tie the line to a tree, walk out and then apply a constant, firm pressure for a few seconds.   Do this on a regular basis, as well as cleaning on a regular basis by winding through a damp cloth, and your line will stay as good as new. 

13 - How should I spool my Tiger line onto my reels?
Click on the link to see details: Spooling advice.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A very busy start to 2011

I’ve been so busy since the beginning of the year that I haven’t got round to updating my blog. So here’s a round-up of what’s been happening. I’ve had shows and open days pretty much every weekend since January! The shows are a great opportunity to meet carp anglers and talk everything carpy and it gives me and the Big Carp Team the opportunity to show our new products and answer your questions. Have a look at the Team’s blogs and see what they have all been up to.

We changed the layout of our catalogue this year and the reaction has been very positive. We’ve also been working hard on the new website and particularly the Club and Big Carp TV sections of the website, which has video clips which we are organising into categories. It’s a work in progress and we will be adding a new clip every week, so that there is always new information coming into the site and it will keep it fresh and lively. The same applies to the News area which will be updated on a regular basis.

The open days started for me this year in Belgium at Hainaut Peche. Team Big Carp Belgium members Arnaud Minsart and Benoit Bruneau were with me on the stand to help. It is always a big show and there were over 6000 visitors over the weekend.

After that I went to a show at Terres et Eaux near Lille, in France. I was joined by Big Carp Team member Jean Philippe Provenzano and his wife Michelle. Again, lots of visitors and a busy and successful weekend.

This year we have taken on a distributor for the Czech Republic, called Carp Servis. I went to Prague for their annual carp show and the Carp Servis stand was very busy. I had a translator with me all the time as the Czech language is like Chinese to me! It went really well and the reaction from the Czech anglers was really positive.

Next was a show at Vendee Peche Chasse on the 11/12 march with team member Jerome Herve. This was my first visit to this region and this shop does a great job selling Big Carp products in that area. Organisation was excellent and the sales team of Danny and Christophe are experienced carp anglers and did a great job over the 2 days.

April fools day turned out to be very memorable! I arrived at the Easyjet check in desk at precisely 06.h53. The Easy Jet rules say check-in latest 40 minutes before take-off. My plane was scheduled for 07.30, so I was 3 minutes late! Yes, you’ve guessed it. No way was I getting on that plane. I couldn’t believe it, and for just 3 minutes!

I called Thierry who was to meet me at Lyon airport. He thought it was an April fool – sorry Thierry, I had missed the plane.

All the other Easyjet flights were full but fortunately I was able to get on a British airways flight in the afternoon. It made it a very expensive trip, as there was no refund for the Easy Jet flight and I had to fork out for an expensive British Airways ticket. It was well worth making the effort though, as Nevers Peche had gone to a lot of effort to advertise and there were plenty of visitors which made the Saturday a very successful day.

Last weekend was the last show of the spring, at Fonisto near Valenciennes in France. Gerald and his team did a fantastic job of organising the show and carp anglers came from all over the north of France and the south of Belgium. We showed them the new products in the range and answered lots of questions on how to get the best from Big Carp products.

It was a very enjoyable weekend but I’m glad it’s over as that was the last show for this spring. I can finally relax, think about getting the rods out and enjoy the sunshine.

I did manage to find a few days for fishing the week before last and I flew down to Montpelier to spend a few days fishing with Thomas Flauger. Thomas is a really well known carp angler and he particularly likes fishing short sessions for carp or catfish from his small inflateable boat – right up my street.

The Rhone was in flood, so we fished another small river near his home. With the boat positioned just upstream of some fallen trees, we dropped in a handful of pellets and boilies and then drifted our float fished paste baits just in front of the fallen branches in about 8’ of water, only a couple of rod lengths from the boat. It wasn’t long before the first bite and a wild 15lb common was pulling really hard to get back in the snags. Several other carp followed during the morning and we caught some lovely fish up to mid 20s. it was great fun and exciting fishing. I’ll tell you all about it in a more detailed article.

Bye for now.


An italian 70 to end the year!

Sometimes everyting just turns out right. October last year and a four day session at a new lake in Italy turned out to be one of those sessions.

First take and a new lake record at just over 70lbs!!!
What an amazing fish and that was just the beginning of an amazing session. I'll tell you more about it in a detailed article.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A 70 to end the year!

What a fantastic way to end the year! I flew to Italy in October for a 4 day session to make a DVD with our new distributor Milo, to launch Big Carp products for the Italian market. We fished a public lake I had never fished before, with a good head of good sized carp and a record at just over 60lbs.

A monster 32kg mirror and new lake record - yesssssss!!!!!!!!!

I’ll tell you more about it in a detailed article but let’s just say it turned out to be an incredible session – my first take was a new lake record, a 70lb+ mirror!!! Yes, 70lb. An absolute monster and my biggest ever carp.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tiger Line website now up and running

The Tiger Line website with PayPal facility is now on-line click here.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tiger Line, Armure Leader and Mirage XT

Results on our new Tiger line have been fantastic. Don’t take my word for it, have a look at the Cemex carp forum and you’ll find loads of glowing reviews from happy anglers. Tiger line really is a superb fluorocarbon main line.
We have taken the technology used in our Tiger line to produce two other fantastic fluorocarbon products: Armure Leader and Mirage XT.

Armure Leader
The Ultimate Fluorocarbon Shock leader.
Armure Leader is a 100% fluorocarbon with outstanding abrasion resistance in weed, snags and over gravel, stones and zebra mussels. Like our Tiger Line, it sinks quickly and completely and is virtually invisible on the bottom. Armure Leader is available on 50m spools in 4 different diameters/breaking strains, so you can choose the perfect leader for the conditions.
The 0.37mm and 0.43mm are perfect as shock leaders for long range fishing.
The 0.47mm and 0.60mm are incredibly strong and abrasion resistant and are perfect for fishing over the worst gravel bars and sharp snags.
All 50m spools Armure Leader
Armure Leader 50m spool 0.37mm & 0.43mm : £12.90
Armure Leader 50m spool 0.47mm & 0.60mm : £15.90
Mirage XT
The Perfect Fluorocarbon Hook Link
Mirage XT is virtually invisible in water, has exceptional knot strength and abrasion resistance and you won’t find a better fluorocarbon hook link material.
Available on 15m spools in 4 different diameters/breaking strains: 0.28mm(10lb); 0.31mm(12lb); 0.33mm(16lb); 0.37mm(20lb); 0.43mm(25lb); 0.47mm(35lb).
All Mirage XT 15m spools : £5.90

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tiger Line

I've finally decided on a name for our fluorocarbon line and we are going to call it Tiger Line: perfectly camouflaged and very difficult to see; extremely strong; stealth; stalks its prey.....
Big Carp Tiger Line is available on 300m and 1000m spools in 10lb, 12lb, 16lb and 20lb.
I have had lots of very positive endorsements from anglers who have been using our line and feed back on the forums as been excellent.
I will post more info' about Tiger Line on my blog but in the meantime contact me by email at, or tel' John at 01189 342123.